Space-Age Domino’s Delivery Car from the 1980s Is Available for Purchase

A Domino’s Pizza delivery truck from 1985 seems better suited to thwarting alien invasions than delivering steaming pepperoni pies. However, during the 1980s, Domino’s founder Tom Monaghan commissioned ten Tritan A2 trucks, specially equipped with an oven in the back, to transport pizzas through Ann Arbor, Michigan, where the company is headquartered.

Only a handful of these special vehicles survive today. One of them is currently up for sale at the Las Vegas Classic Car Auction on November 10th. Even the current owner admits it’s a rather lackluster driving experience and its pizza delivery capabilities were questionable at best. However, its remarkable aesthetic appeal cannot be denied.

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The Tritan A2 was the brainchild of engineers James Amick and his son Douglas. Similar to their other designs, it features distinctive arched rear wings. These wings were originally designed to take advantage of crosswinds and act as sails to support propulsion, whether powered by electric motors or gasoline engines. It remains uncertain whether this particular model, with its relatively modest rear wing, benefits significantly from wind propulsion.

The unconventional shape of the car’s arrowhead brings certain disadvantages. For one thing, it lacks the practicality of a typical car. The pizza oven has long since been removed, but the A2 still only seats two people lined up behind each other. Due to its three-wheel construction and fiberglass body, it is technically classified as a motorcycle for regulatory purposes. Instead of conventional doors, it boasts a sliding roof for getting in and out of passengers.

The low ride height makes the A2 vulnerable to road imperfections like potholes, and its outward visibility leaves a lot to be desired, according to Chuck Sinnott, the current owner, who lives in Central California.

Sinnott took it mostly on a trailer to local car shows, where he would occasionally take a few short spins around the parking lot to show off its uniqueness. The custom motorcycle trailer will be auctioned off.

“This thing will raise some heads. It’s a crowd pleaser,” Sinnott said, “but me and my wife can’t jump in and go to Monterey.

The Tritan boasts remarkable aerodynamics and can get up to 80 miles per gallon with its small engine, according to Bonham’s, which sold one of the cars in 2019.

Sinnott mentioned that he acquired the car in 2021 for around $25,000 from a Domino’s franchise owner. To finance the purchase, he parted with another unique vehicle: a replica of the custom Plymouth Volaré convertible seen on the TV show “Fantasy Island.” He declined to reveal his intentions regarding the proceeds of this auction.

Mecum Auctions did not provide an estimated value for the Tritan A2, but one fetched $44,800 at a Bonham’s auction in 2019. Despite this, Domino’s remains silent on the subject of the Tritan A2.

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