Memories of Woman Tragically Lost in South City Accident

In memory of Maya Scott, the 30-year-old woman who was tragically lost in a crash Sunday night at the intersection of South Broadway and Keokuk in south St. Louis, her family and friends gathered to pay their respects.

Wilhelmina Winston, who was like a second mother to Maya, expressed her deep sorrow, saying: “I loved her as if she were my own. It is heartbreaking to know that I will never see her again, never have another conversation with her.” her and never visit her. The pain is unbearable.”

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Winston, along with others close to Maya, is still dealing with the enormous loss. They gathered late Thursday afternoon to release balloons in Maya’s honor. Winston described her as a smart, beautiful businesswoman and an exceptional lash technician. She also emphasized Maya’s role as a positive influence, noting, “She was a role model for the girls in the neighborhood.”

However, this inspirational figure was suddenly taken away from the community.

Laura Williams, a resident who lives near South Broadway where the accident happened, shared her concerns about the frequent and serious accidents in the area. Police said Maya Scott was a passenger in the Grand Prix and the tragic collision occurred when the Grand Prix and the Volvo collided, killing Maya and injuring four others.

First Alert 4 is actively working to determine the current status of other victims who may still be in the hospital.

Williams bemoaned reckless driving habits on South Broadway, saying, “Cars are speeding down the street like crazy and it’s absolutely ridiculous.” She emphasized the senselessness of such incidents that cause damage and claim lives.